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Eucens iPad Photo Booth Selfie come with Portable Flight Case Advertising kiosk stand

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The iPad photo booth is a great addition to any party.
Great Entertainment For Any Event From Gender Reveals, Graduation parties, Anniversary parties, Dinners, Kids Events, And Much Much More...

Color of Booth: 

Size of Ipad(Your Own Ipad): 10.2", 10.9" and 12.9"

Size of Ring Light: 19''

Logo: Free

If you place an order, please email us your iPad model, size, and year of manufacture. We will customize and produce the machine according to your iPad size

The top portion changes LED colors to your liking.
The booth is compatible with iPad 10.2", 10.9", and 12.9" Pro. (iPad is not included. )
Items are customized based on the size of the iPad that you choose.
The top portion can tilt and has an RGB light that can change colors. The bottom portion has a lightbox and the color can not be changed. The booth comes with a flight case for easy transport.
The booth comes with a 2-year warranty.


360 Photo Booth
1.Battery operated, Motor installation.
2. Fully Automatic Remote activation.
3.Classic Design/Stylish Glass Design, Safe & Stable Structure.
4.Four sizes are available, Accommodates Guests Of All Sizes.
5.Travel Case package for Ultimate protection and Easy Transportation.
6.With Bracket for fixing mobile phone, camera, and iPad.
7.Free lot of accessories.
8.5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty,24/7 VIP Customer Support.


[360 Photo Booth Package]
1x EUCENS Standard Platform
1x Travel Flight Case
1x LED Ring Light
1x RGB LED Strip Light
1x Spinning arm
1x Ipad Mount
1x Phone Mount
1x Gopro Mount
1x PVC cover;
1x Props Templates
3x Wireless Remote
1x Plug+Power adapter
1x Instruction Manual
1 year warranty


If you need to customize the logo for the 360 platform, please contact us and provide your logo after purchasing the product . If you haven't ,we can customize it for you for free, just inform your requirements. The total time for you to receive 360 booth is generally 10-15 days. Thank you.

If no customization is required, the 360 booth platform will be labeled and shipped with a black and white logo.


Q1: What's the size of this 360 photo booth machine?
Platform Diameter (The sizes have a deviation of 0-2cm and the actual size shall prevail) :

A: There are Four sizes to choose:
28" dimension load 1-2people load 330KG ;
32 " dimension load 2-3 people load 350KG;
40" dimension load 3-4 people load 400KG;
45" dimension load 4-5 people load 500KG.

Q2: Can people stand stably or if the shooting will be shaking when the platform is rotating?
A: Don't need to worry about this, the bottom structure of the platform is used the rocker arm separation support structure to avoid the shooting shaking caused by the shaking of people on the platform, and you can show yourself happily.

Q3: Can I adjust the height and the angle of the pole?
A: Yes, both the height and angle can be adjusted. Adjustable length can be ranged from 15.7 inches to 61 inches and the adjustable angle from 36 degrees to 156 degree.

Q4:When would it be shipped after ordering? And how many days to receive the item?
A: Usually the Standard products will be sent out in 24 hours by UPS after order, and it will take 3-5 days to arrive at your address.
Customized products will be sent out in 3-5 days by DHL after order, and it will take 10-15 days to arrive at your address.

Q5:What should I do after ordering?
A: Please check with your email within 24hrs after the order is processed to confirm your order and shipping way. If we don't get your confirmation, we will ship out your order with the normal process in 24-48 hours, to the address you left to the order.

Q6:Does this item come with the flight case?
Answer: Yes! This automatic 360 photo booth comes with a flight case.

Refund Policy

Shipping FAQ

1.What is your delivery time?
After your order is placed, All Standard product we promise to ship it within 1-3 working days,Customized Product ship it within 3-5 days.

2.Your shipping method?
Before ordering, please make sure that the delivery address is correct.

3.How much should I pay for shipping?
Free shipping for all products.

4.How soon will I receive the goods?
Standard product received within about 4-7 days after shipment,Customized Product within about 10-15 days.

5.Where is your product shipping from?
Standard products are shipped from the United States;
Customized products are shipped from China.

6.Your shipping area?
We can accept orders from the United States.

7.What should I do if my goods have not been delivered?If your package does not arrive by the courier's estimated delivery date, it may be due to.
1. Delays due to special circumstances, such as a large volume of packages to be delivered, or excessively inclement weather.
2. The delivery address is incorrect, the address provided may be insufficient or unrecognizable, and the shipping company will automatically return it to us. In these cases, it usually takes up to 20 business days for the courier to return the item to us.
Once we receive your package, you will receive an email to determine whether you would like us to resend the package or process a refund.
In addition, if the goods are lost, you can contact us at and explain the situation.
Also, please contact DHL/UPS yourself and provide them with the product tracking details. If the package is confirmed as lost, you can file a claim with the DHL/UPS courier.

If you have any questions about our above policies, please contact us via Email:

Special Note!

Our 360 Photo Booth does not ship with any batteries
Does not include:
1. 23A 12V battery: for 360 remote control.
2. CR2025 battery: for remote control for led lights.
3. Power Bank with USB Port: for LED Ring Light.
Any questions, please contact us.

Support multi-device

The 360 booth comes with a rotating arm and Selfie light, which can support iPad, camera, smartphone.
It allows you to take slow-motion videos to which you can add special effects, add different props, and instantly upload your videos to social media in seconds. Take your event to another level!

Product Accessories

360 Photo Booth come with Base Plaform,Spinning Arm, Speed Controller,LED Controller,Round Fill Light,LED Light Strip,Bracket for fixing mobile phone/camera/iPad/,Props,Pole Clamp,Plug+Power adapter,User Guide,
All parts fit into a Free Travel Case included with your purchase for easy transport.

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